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5 Steps for a zero waste bathroom

Quick changes that will not affect your daily beauty routine and help the environment.

Being zero-waste is not easy, no one ever said that; however, we can start with small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. There are a few changes we can all do, without affecting your daily beauty routine, that will definitely help to improve our green footprints on Earth.

1. Zero-Waste Deodorant

There are several options on this matter. The most ecological one, is the crystal deodorant. The crystal natural mineral salts prevent the odor from spreading out. These deodorants are applied by wetting the crystal and applying in clean skin. The price range can go from £4 to £15; however, it lasts over a few years, so if you think long term, it's actually a very affordable option.

Now, I know not everybody is the same and not everyone gets used to this type of option, as it does not prevent you from sweating. So the other option is to chose a deodorant with natural ingredients - search for Kutis Skincare, Fat and the Moon, Native, Schmidt's, The Body Shop.* These may or may not be in eco-friendly packaging, but they are all cruelty free.

2. Bamboo Toothbrush

This one may be the easiest. There's literally no change from the plastic toothbrush to the bamboo one, except that the handle is made from bamboo and the bristles are mostly nylon. To take care of this toothbrush all you need to do is to keep it dry, after brushing your teeth; otherwise it will start to decompose. Use your old plastic toothbrush for cleaning duties (do not throw it away) and the bamboo one can go to the compost bin once has made its duty - just don't forget to cut the bristles first.

3. Substitute hand gel for soap

We all love hand gel, but unless you go to a bulk shop with your container and refill, you are wasting single use plastic bottles every time you buy a new one. A good, affordable and long-lasting option is soap. The purpose is the same and it actually lasts longer.

4. No more makeup remover wipes

Have you ever counted how many wipes/cotton pads you use on a weekly basis? If you take make-up off once a day and use 2 wipes, that's 14 wipes by the end of the week, which is a lot! I am a fan of makeup remover sponges, like Face Halo,* that are washable and ready to use again. In this case, only sponge and water is needed or a natural face oil maximum. If you feel this is not enough to remove your makeup, opt for natural ingredients makeup removers.

5. Forget plastic single use razors

Instead, invest in a good quality razor that only needs the blade to be replaced from time to time.

For all the ladies that are still using wax stripes, have a look at epilator machines - it may cost more upfront, but you need to always look at the bigger picture, plus, you are helping a lot more the environment.

To summarize, if you are new to this, please still use what you have left in your drawers and cupboards before deciding to invest in anything new. It is important to also think what second life can you give to items like jars and plastic brushes,etc, so you waste the minimum as possible.

*All recommendations are based in my experience and this post has not been sponsored.

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