• Beatrix Muguet

Things to do during Quarantine

Updated: Apr 19

Things we can do in our free time that are available during this period so we don't get nuts.

Everything we do during these days of lockdown should give us pleasure and not feel like an obligation. However, taking care of our body and mental health is essential to survive these difficult times. Taking care of ourselves does not mean, at any time, that we are competing to become master chefs, or that we signed up for a weight loss program, is simply to take care, do things we like and didn't have time to do it before.

Here are some suggestions.


Italy has been highly affected by the COVID in Europe and the number of initiatives done in the country and between the population has inspired the whole world. Here is a tour through some of the best museums in the country. Totally worth it! Google has an Arts & Culture section where you can find out more about landscapes, museums, paintings, statues, artists, etc. The list is endless! Have a look and lose yourself.

Faber Castle is releasing a set of online courses to help you improve your drawing skills. There are also colouring templates for the little ones.

Donate what you can to Speak and learn a new language. New class groups starting every Monday in several languages.


Music. Who knows me well, know that I breathe music. Watching music documentaries is something I really like and recommend. It helps discover new cultures, new sounds, new artists, the stories behind creation. Club Atlas is a mini-series of 8 episodes - the first one starting from my hometown, Lisbon. The documentary is in Portuguese, but it has English subtitles.


Down Dog has not only one but five - Yoga for Beginners, Yoga, HIIT, 7 Minute Workout and Barre - apps to offer for free, at least until May 1.

The yoga app was personally recommended by a friend and I really like it! You can choose the kind of music you want to exercise, the type of yoga you would like to do and how long you want to train for.

Nike Training Club has the Premium workouts free until further notice. Join the community of living room athletes.


Stop, Breathe & Think is a meditation app that has created a new category called Calm Coronavirus Anxiety, to help you feel safer, centered and connected - now free for the next 60 days.

Headspace is also a meditation app, now offering free access to Headspace Plus for all US healthcare professionals working in public health, all NHS healthcare professionals, as well as K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Youper is an Emotional Health Assistant. These are hard times and some days are harder than others, so it's worth tracking your mood. It will allow you to write what you are feeling and control your anxiety.

I hope this helps to pass time faster. Stay safe!



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